Magnesia : Flüssig vs. Pulver, welche Option ist die richtige?

Magnesia: Liquid vs. Powder, which option is right?

Magnesia has become an essential companion for many athletes and calisthenics enthusiasts as it provides a better grip and reduces moisture during exercise. However, with so many options out there, it can be hard to decide between liquid magnesia and magnesium powder . In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of each option to help you choose the most suitable one for your training needs.

Magnesia is not only used in street workouts, but also in many other sports such as climbing, weight lifting or bouldering.

Benefits of Liquid Magnesia

  • Simple application
  • Long adhesion throughout the entire workout: Liquid magnesia tends to last longer than magnesia powder because it adheres better to the skin.
  • Easier to transport: In the form of a hose in a smaller container
  • No Mess: Prevents the spread of airborne particles, which can be beneficial in gyms where the use of magnesia powder may be restricted. Prevents dirt from forming on training surfaces.
  • An airtight seal

Disadvantages of liquid magnesia

  • Frequent use may cause dry skin.
  • Often perceived as less economical.

Benefits of Magnesia Powder

  • Typically cheaper and longer lasting: Magnesia powder is also more economical in the long term as it can be used in larger quantities and offers similar results to liquid magnesia.
  • It absorbs sweat and improves grip.
  • More aesthetic in some situations: photo shoots, videos...

Disadvantages of magnesia powder

  • One of the disadvantages of magnesia powder is the spread of particles into the air, which can create a dusty and unpleasant environment indoors.
  • Shorter retention time than liquid magnesium.
  • Applying magnesia powder may require a little more time and effort to achieve even distribution.

Optimize your training with Magnesia:

Whether you choose liquid magnesia or magnesia powder, the most important thing is to reap the benefits to improve your training results. At Via Fortis we understand the importance of magnesia in your workouts, so we offer a range of high quality magnesia products to suit your preferences. Whether you are a calisthenics, fitness or other sports enthusiast, make sure you have the Magnesia that is right for you to achieve your goals with confidence and optimal grip.

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