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Take your fitness ladder to the next cardio level

With the VIA FORTIS training ladder, cardio training is really fun again! The speed ladder is perfect for a varied and endurance-intensive workout and playfully improves your endurance, speed and general fitness. Also really cool in a group and to complement your current fitness training.

Also ideal for soccer training, CrossFit, dance warm-ups and other sports.

The ladder is super light and can be reduced to a minimum size so you can take it anywhere.

Product details:

  • Improves your footwork, coordination, speed and endurance
  • Perfect for footballers, runners and athletes
  • Length: 2 x 3 meters (can be combined with a click to create a ladder with a length of 6 meters)
  • 14 adjustable rungs
  • Markings for quick adjustment of the rungs
  • Includes bag and pegs/soil nails for attaching to soft ground (such as lawn)
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Cardio & Coordination

The ideal accessory for group training or to complement your fitness training!