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Fabric Loop Bands

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Mini bands for your stomach, legs, buttocks workout and more

For optimal comfort during your workout, our new fabric loop bands are the best choice: super skin-friendly, non-slip and you can rely on these mini bands without any annoying curling up.

  • FABRIC INSTEAD OF RUBBER: The high-quality textile material of our fabric loop bands is skin-friendly, non-slip and does not roll up

  • TEAR-RESISTANT & DURABLE: Our fabric mini bands cannot tear and will last a lifetime. The specially developed fabric is extremely resilient and stretchy

  • WITH INSTRUCTIONS & BAG: When you order you will receive a small bag for the loops as well as detailed exercise instructions as a free download. We also offer you many workout videos about the loop bands on our free workout platform

Product details:
Length of straps (unstretched): 32 cm
Width of straps (unstretched): 6 cm
Material: High quality cotton polyester fabric

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With instructions & bag

When you order you will receive a free small bag for your fabric bands as well as detailed exercise instructions to download!